So that we get to know each other better

I am Patricia Jarandilla, 3D artist specialized in creation of characters and props oriented to 3d printing, conceptualization for real-size sculpture, digital media and prototyping.

For cultural / social reasons I think, I started to develop myself in digital and multimedia contents when I already had a "stable job" that allowed me to live my life while I dedicated my free time to do and learn what I like the most.

When I realized that it was possible to enjoy both free time and work, I began to study different techniques of digital sculpture oriented to 3D printing and modeling of characters for animation and video games and this allowed me to develop the projects and assignments I'm currently working on, since several years ago.

If you want to share your experience in a similar situation, need help, opinion or someone to perform work of this kind for you, feel free to post a comment. You can also leave me a message through the contact form. I'll be happy to help ^^

See you soon!!

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