My history

I'm Patricia Jarandilla, an independent artist, working remotely from Spain. A character sculptor specialized in miniatures, 3D printing and real size sculpture. My experience with 3D printing dates back to 2012, the year from which I have alternated this modality with digital modeling for animation, video games, and digital media, an area of knowledge for me since 2008. The time, hard work and commission work, helped me to choose digital character modeling as specialty.

Something happened while I was just working the digital process, I eventually noticed that I also wanted to touch and see the models, I was feeling like part of the process was missing. So... I decided to work that part too, sculpting what I needed to sculpt, to make the digital sculptures physically real, and available for all.

I was thinking one day that the jewelry is amazing with all those details and peculiar forms, so tiny sculptures, brilliant and dark, they can be smooth and rough at the same time. Is probably one of the most beautiful kinds of sculpture of all time.

But it hasn’t really changed much in centuries. Not to mention how annoying it is when it breaks, turns green your skin when you use it, and you know thousands of people are wearing the same design.

So I decided to explore this world and my silver jewelry shop appeared. A personal project dedicated to sterling silver jewelry design. The sculpture in jewelry is a perfect way to express experiences, feelings, symbols of friendship, concerns, ideas, and it has so many possibilities... I'm happy exploring them with you.


This shop exists to promote individuality, provide a creative touch to remind us that there is much more, not just the gray lives "the system" sometimes make us think we need. To remember that we do not have to see us all in the same uniform, we have many choices and every one of us is precious and unique. We all need to express ourselves like we are and jewelry and sculptures are forms of art that will always allow us to feel and show this individuality.

Work culture

My jewelry creation process combines digital sculpture, 3D printing processes and handmade finishes using precious metals, mostly sterling silver. The main material of my pieces of jewelry is sterling silver. Created one by one, by order, with care and professionality, on high-quality silver and carefully finalized by hand, each jewelry piece is unique.

The moments I work any jewelry piece or sculpture are truly magical, unconsciously becoming the most important thing in the universe. There are times the pieces show themselves, and others you can feel a close collaboration between the work and yourself that allows following the characteristics required for that piece, from my own style.

How I make my products

My creation process begins with the design in the digital environment. It combines the highest 3D printing technology with the traditional method of lost wax and ends with a completely handmade finish.

Some of the pieces of jewelry you can find in this store are heavy, thick because their sizes, details, and forms require certain thickness to increase durability over time and wear resistance. They are polished and finished by hand, down to the smallest detail. The premise of this shop is offering original and quality jewelry, so the delivery time frame is adjusted to the needs and characteristics of each.

The main thing in the commissioned work I do is to understand the requirements of such work, the needs of those who ask, and provide the piece or pieces that best express and show what the customer wants, as desired.

Personal projects usually arise from ideas, concepts, situations, feelings that develop and cause the need for digital capture them or physically. There are just times when I feel I need to do this or that.

I work on orders making:

  • Jewelry
  • Digital sculpture
  • 3D concepts
  • Mini sculptures
  • Prototypes 

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