I'm Patricia Jarandilla, an independent artist specialized on digital sculpture for 3d printing, working remotely from Spain since 2012 as freelancer 3d artist. 

I'm always working on artistic sculpture, for my clients and for me, so some time ago I decided to make my jewels and personal designs also available for you. The sculpture is my way to express experiences, feelings, sculptures, and jewelry is a symbol of friendship, concerns, ideas...

My jewelry creation process combines digital sculpture, 3D printing processes and handmade finishes using precious metals, mostly silver.

Created one by one, by order, with care and professionality, on high-quality silver and carefully finalized by hand, each piece is unique.

I work on orders remotely from Spain making:

  • Digital sculpture
  • Jewelry design
  • 3D concepts for life size
  • Mini sculptures
  • Prototypes

Read more about my professional sculpture and services