Sculpture and Jewelry design Professional Services

Do you need life-size sculpture 3D concepts, high-poly character designs, 3D printable models, prototypes, miniatures, customized pieces of jewelry? Maybe you have a doubt about something here in my shop...

If that's the case I'm here to help youIn advance, carrying out digital sculpture and 3D modeling oriented to 3D printing, depending on your needs I will provide you, your studio or workshop with:

  • The 3D files to use as the concept to make your super huge sculpture (I can't do that, sorry...) or to launch the render and make final images if you need a digital piece.
  • The archives ready to 3d print.
  • The physical piece depending on the parts number, its dimensions, and the final material you want

I work with the following materials:

  • Metals: Silver, brass, bronze, steel, also white gold, rose gold, yellow gold plated too, and rhodium plated. 
  • Ceramics: Porcelain

For big or multi parts projects I also work with:

  • Plastics: strong and flexible, metallic plastic, frosted detail plastic, acrylic plastic, elastoplastic, Hi-Def acrylate, PLA.


Do you want me to work on your project and have questions? Do you want to know more about me and about the works I have done? Here you have some ways to know more about me:
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