Michele Wood Custom Necklace Pendant

Hi Michele, hi Beki!

This is a private preview of the design I have done for the sterling silver custom pendant you want. Just who has the link can view it, so you can share it with family and friends if you want.

If something in this design is not accurate enough, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll make the modifications you need before making the final one.



DIAMETER: 1,18 inches - 3 cms

HEIGHT: 1,38 inches - 3,5 cms

WEIGHT: 0,75 oz - 21,20 gr

PJ3DArtist_SilverPendant-Ball_front PJ3DArtist_SilverPendant-Ball_top

At this point, if you like how is going and want me to continue working on it, it would be necessary to make a pre-payment of 30% for expenses.

The remaining 70% would be paid prior to delivery of the necklace.

The mode of payment will be made through two links corresponding to the same item, identified as Pre-payment 30% and Final payment 70% that I will prepare for you exclusively, and I'll send you at the time you give me the go-ahead.

Thank you for your trust, Michele!